This is a list of products I use and I highly recommend. I use these tools to run my 7 figure business and I've secured the best deals so you can use the tools I recommend! Behind every successful online business is a set of tools that make it tick. Here is a list of the critical tools i use in my business.

DISCLOSURE: My goal is to help readers improve their online business, I partner with companies that provide products and services. If a purchase or signup is made through the links below, we receive compensation for the referral.


Everyone online has a website or blog! This is something you need no matter what. Website hosting is what you use to host the website and make it live, like this website you are on right now. Once it's setup then it's easy to edit everything in the backend. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using BlueHost to start your website. I have a special deal and it will ONLY cost you $2.95 a month to run your online website. You just can't go wrong with this amazing deal! Claim Your Discount Here

Shopify #1 Platform For Online Stores

If you know me you know I love to sell products via the Dropshipping method. To do this you will need a platform to sell these products and I would definitely get Shopify! This is literally the ONLY online eCommerce store platform you need. It's super easy to use and you can get your store up and running very quickly. I've been using Shopify for a long time. Claim Your 14 Day Trial Here

CLICKFUNNELS: #1 For Landing Pages & Funnels

A sales funnel in a sequence of events that make you more money. When creating a Sales Funnel I recommend going with ClickFunnels. With ClickFunnels you can create lead magnets, landing pages, webinar funnels, memberships and much more. In a nutshell, ClickFunnels will collect someone's email for you and you can promote your products to them via specific steps. This is perfect if you want to build an email list or course! Claim Your 14 Day Trial Here

GetResponse: #1 For Email Marketing

Part of building an online business is collecting emails and promoting your services or products via email. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using GetResponse to control all your email marketing because it's super easy to use! They have beautiful automations that will make you money while you sleep. Get Response will help you control your email marketing plus more. This is by far the best platform to use for beginners! Claim Your 30 Day Trail Here


If have a Blog or Website you will need to collect emails so you can build a profitable email list. To do that I use Thrive Leads and it's the tool I recommend. Thrive Leads lets you create pop ups and other forms that will collect emails from your page and automatically build your email list. This is a MUST if you want to monetize your Blog or Website. Get Your Discount Here


If you run a Youtube channel you need traffic and it's not easy to get traffic. I have videos that have millions of views and I've done that with the help of Tube Buddy. This amazing tool will help you get views on your Youtube videos and help you rank those videos Number 1 for your keywords. I have used Tube Buddy To Build a 350k subscriber Channel with millions of views.  Get Your Discount Here